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Not only are we carpet cleaners but we clean upholstery too! Did you know that your furniture can get as dirty (if not dirtier) than your floor or carpet? Well – it’s true. Your couches and chairs collect dust, dirt and other ‘particles’ that result in your furniture looking old and dull. Not only dirt cause your furniture to look old, it can make them smell and even become unhealthy.

The technicians at Clean Right Floor Specialists are experts at removing the dirt, residue, and germs from your couches, chairs, and other pieces of furniture. In an effort to prevent mildew and mold, we minimize the usage of water in the cleaning process which results in faster drying times and furniture that smells great.

We also use a lower heat setting to help avoid any shrinkage of the upholstery material and we use gentle chemicals that are safe for your furniture and everyone in the family to include your pets.

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